Digital Health 2022

April 20, 2022 | Chapter Event

Digital Health 2022


9th Annual Innovation Conference & Expo

This innovation conference provides a pathway to the expanding universe of healthcare, focused on the future of digital health and virtual medicine.

Listen, learn, and engage with the top minds in healthcare, technology, and policy as we discuss the biggest topics in Digital Health!

✦ Mixed Reality

✦ Current Legislation & Advocacy

✦ Hospital of the Future

✦ Cybersecurity

✦ Clinician Wellbeing

✦ Innovation Awards

✦ Health Equity & SDOH

✦ EXPO Innovation Showcase!


DATE: Wednesday, April 20, 2022

TIME: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

LOCATION: New Conference Event Virtual Platform

COST: $20


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9:00 AM – Keynote: Healthcare Equity Through Digital Transformation

This Keynote session will explore the anomaly that is our highly fractionalized healthcare environment. How it lends itself to health care inequities—and how, through digital healthcare transformation, we can work towards filling the existing gaps in health equity, together.

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Hal Wolf

President and Chief Executive Officer















9:15 AM — Welcome & Explore Expo



10:00 AM — How Mixed Reality is Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare is experiencing a transformational, tectonic shift in digital technologies—the virtually limitless computing power of the cloud combined with increasingly intelligent and perceptive holographic devices at the edge of the network are creating possibilities we could only have dreamed of a few years ago.

Mixed reality, the fusion of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), enables clinicians and staff to access computer apps and interact with 3D images in amazing detail wherever they deliver medical services using hands-free, intuitive interaction methods such as hand tracking, eye tracking and natural language input. While the mixed reality market is booming out of industry, the healthcare market is just beginning to tap into its potential.

Join us for a panel discussion with Dr. David C. Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer (CMO) & VP of Healthcare at Microsoft, Dr. Deborah R. Lee, Clinical Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Clinical Learning Center at the University of Michigan, and Dr. Melissa A. Bathish, Clinical Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Clinical Learning Center and Simulation Lab at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, to learn how organizations are using mixed reality-enabled devices, such as HoloLens 2 to improve patient understanding of medical procedures, enhance collaboration between geographically-disbursed medical teams, and train healthcare staff with immersive simulation experiences to achieve clinical proficiencies faster and safer.

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Learn more about Mixed Reality




Dr. David Rhew, M.D.

Global Chief Medical Officer & Vice President of Healthcare



Dr. Deborah R. Lee, PhD, ACNP-BC, FNP, CHSE

Clinical Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Clinical Learning Center

University of Michigan School of Nursing


Dr. Melissa Bathish, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC

Clinical Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Clinical Learning Center

University of Michigan School of Nursing


















11:00 AM — Innovations to Reduce Clinician Burden and Burnout

There has been an explosive increase in medical knowledge over the last few decades which has aligned with the “grey tsunami” both in numbers of seniors and the acuity of their medical situations. These factors have collided with not only the massively increased bureaucratic demands of Government and Payors, but also the and heightened expectations of our patients. This near-perfect storm has placed an unbelievable burden on the shoulders of Caregivers. Then nature saw fit to drop on this system, already stretched to the brink, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The physical and psychological impacts are visible everywhere, and there is nothing more important to maintaining the quality, efficiency, and compassion of our medical system than addressing this cataclysmic problem. We are bringing together a discussion of innovative responses to this burden and burnout crisis - to help reenergize Clinicians, to remind them of the reasons we all went into the medicine, and to show them how we can bring new ideas to the forefront to support their truly heroic efforts.

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Dr. Howard Landa, M.D.

Vice President of Clinical Informatics and EHR (CMIO)

Sutter Health


Dr. Jeff Wajda, D.O.

Chief Medical Information Officer

University of California, Davis Health


Dr. Michael Pfeffer M.D.

Chief Information Officer, Stanford Health Care

Associate Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine


Dr. Amrita Sinha, M.D.

Pediatric ICU and Clinical Informatics Fellow

Stanford University



12:00 PM — (Lunch Break) Innovation Expo & Networking Lounges



12:30 PM — Hospital at Home? Hospital of the Future!

Originally studied in the mid-1990s, the Hospital at Home (H@H) model long pre-dates the ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus. However, the COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed the proliferation of the H@H model as hospital systems nationwide quickly initiated programs to deliver care for patients in the home environment.

H@H programs are transforming healthcare delivery and elevating patient experience, while offering significant potential to equalize access across communities, from urban to rural. These programs offer a safe and effective way to deliver inpatient care to patients in the comfort of their own home with close oversight from physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, paramedics, and other care team members. Leveraging a supplier network, virtual visits, in-home visits, and a suite of technology enables the creation of the virtual hospital unit in the home. Advances in telemonitoring and biometric devices continue to propel H@H programs to the forefront of virtual care.

This panel will share an overview of current programs at Kaiser Permanente and Mayo Clinic, a future vision for the model, and discuss current challenges. Panelists will also share actionable steps with session attendees, as key takeaways for advancing the model’s ability to bring hope to those seeking the most optimal environment for health and healing outside of traditional hospital walls.

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Vivian Reyes, M.D.

Regional Medical Director of Hospital Operations and Emergency Physician

Kaiser Permanente


Balaji Venkat, O.D.

Regional Medical Director - Advanced Care at Home and Emergency Physician

Kaiser Permanente


Chris Hasse, FACHE

Chair, Advanced Care at Home Program & Practice Strategy

Mayo Clinic
















1:30 PM — SDOH Innovations in Health Care Organizations

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) as described by the World Health Organization “are the non-medical factors that influence health outcomes.” These social factors can be defined through multiple layers of an individual's network of social, economic, cultural and environmental circumstances. There is growing recognition for the fundamental need to address SDOH in order to achieve the greater goal of improving health outcomes.

Health care organizations are increasingly more invested in exploring new opportunities and creating new options towards achieving health equity by understanding SDOH. The panel will share their experiences around using innovation to address SDOH in their health care organizations including thoughts about data gathering, approaching whole person care, and partnering to achieve greater social impacts.

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Dr. Sarah Rahman, M.D.

Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Alameda Health System


Dr. Rajiv Pramanik, M.D.

Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Contra Costa Hospital and Health Services


Leon Clark, MBA

Chief Research and Health Equity Officer

Sutter Health














2:30 PM — Digital Health Legislation & Advocacy

Join us for an engaging discussion on how our community is moving forward on transforming healthcare in California and on a national as well as global basis. Promoting interoperability, expanding telehealth, and advancing maternal health are just a few of the health IT-related issues where California is leading the way and demonstrating to the rest of the community how to lead transformation efforts.

This discussion will feature actionable steps that session attendees can take to support our advocacy work, participate in the policy process, and help shape robust initiatives moving forward. We need your buy-in to succeed and reinforce the HIMSS mission to “reform the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.”

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Jeff Coughlin

Senior Director, Federal & State Legislative Affairs















3:00 PM — Cybersecurity: Emerging Trends Beyond Regulatory Requirements

Healthcare and public health are experiencing multiple concurrent revolutions that promise to deliver better outcomes at a lower cost for more of the world’s population. Yet a crisis of confidence from ransomware, data breaches, and medical device security may delay, deny, and degrade these benefits.

With an increasing dependence on computing, networking, and data in the healthcare field, “move fast and break things” seems at odds with preserving trust and trustworthiness in clinical care. Learn about existing and emerging cybersecurity trends – beyond just regulatory requirements – that allow healthcare organizations to manage technology risk across their supply chain and chain of operations, in a cost-effective, pragmatic way.

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Session Materials & LInks



Shields Up -

Stop Ransomware -

Report Ransomware -






Cris Ross

Chief Information Officer

Mayo Clinic


Beau Woods

Senior Advisor

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Department of Homeland Security















4:00 PM — Innovation Awards & Winners

Join us as we announce the winners of our inaugural Healthcare Innovation Awards 2022! Our award celebrates all those who are working to empower change in the healthcare ecosystem and achieve the quadruple aim.

Meet our Winners from bright young talents, seasoned researchers, smart scrappy startups, leading-edge research centers, preeminent healthcare systems, and blue-chip companies. Our esteemed judges include renowned researchers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from some of the most innovative companies in the world focused on improving lives and the healthcare ecosystem.

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Bridget Burke


HIMSS Northern California













~ VIRTUAL EXPO: Open All Day! 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PT ~

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T-Mobile for Healthcare. As America’s largest, fastest, and now according to umlaut, most reliable 5G network, T-Mobile has an ambitious vision for future developments in healthcare. We offer a collaborative approach and a team of internal clinicians who bring expertise in order to build customized solutions with our customers. Our goal is to help healthcare organizations transform their approach to innovation and patient care.

Internet of Medical Things

Smart, connected medical devices and the data they generate are fueling the booming Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) industry. See why 5G will be essential to these advancements. Learn more

Contact: Dr. Christine Gall, Director Healthcare Solutions,,


* T-Mobile Healthcare Partner Showcase *


ZyterHealth is the foundation for intelligent applications that enable more efficient provider-to-provider collaboration in-hospital and extend telehealth and remote patient monitoring services outside traditional care venues. Zyter drives the future of digital health by offering a wide selection of modular components that can integrate with existing systems and clinical workflows or work independently to deliver the proper care at the right time and place.

Contact: Chris Thomas, Sales Director,,



Healium is a VR, and AR mental wellness solution clinically validated for the self-management of anxiety, stress, and sleep in 5 peer-reviewed journals. It's uniquely powered by your body's electricity via hardware-agnostic smartwatches or EEG headbands. Unlike traditional meditation, Healium is eyes open and connected to your own brainwaves and heart rate so the user can learn to self-regulate. Healium's customers include the US military, NFL, and MLB sports teams, schools, corporations, and healthcare organizations looking to improve their employees' and students' mental wellness.

Contact: David Campos, Director of Global Business Development,,


Healthcare In Action

We are a medical group exclusively dedicated to populations experiencing homelessness. Using an innovative mobile medicine mobile, we bring care to patients where they reside – in encampments, shelters, under bridges, and in interim housing complexes. We aim to achieve a sustainable business model by leveraging value-based managed care arrangements to sustain holistic medical, behavioral health and social services for unhoused populations.

Contact: Julianna Diggs,,

Salesforce for Healthcare. Deliver patient-centered experiences. Gain a 360-degree view of patients and teams with an interoperable HIPAA-compliant platform. Connect systems and teams to unlock new value from your data, streamline processes, and surface new opportunities for proactive engagement.

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  • Gauge the impact of wearables and patient expectations today
  • See how telemedicine and home health are disrupting the industry

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Contact: Greg Winters, Regional Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences,, is healthcare's data science platform. We make it easy for healthcare organizations to use AI to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Purpose-built and dedicated to healthcare, ClosedLoop combines an intuitive end-to-end machine learning platform with a comprehensive library of healthcare-specific features and model templates.

Customers use ClosedLoop's Explainable AI to drive clinical excellence, operational efficiency, value-based contracts, and enhanced revenue. Winner of the CMS AI Health Outcomes Challenge and named a KLAS Healthcare AI Top Performer for 2020.

Easily Handle Messy
 Healthcare Data

Healthcare data is notoriously “messy.” ClosedLoop makes it simple to import raw healthcare data sets, such as medical claims, prescriptions, EMR, and custom data, without the need for tedious data normalization and cleansing. Data handling capabilities include: HIPAA-compliant storage and data access, Import bulk and streaming data, Support for all major coding systems, Automate common data cleanup tasks. Request a Demo

Contact: Evan Kapaun, Account Director West,,



eVisit simplifies healthcare delivery with its market-leading Virtual Care platform. eVisit works seamlessly across enterprise service lines and departments to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and boost revenue by enabling healthcare organizations (HCOs) to deliver faster, more accessible Virtual Care using their own network of providers across any specialty.

With its distinct and leading position in the telehealth marketplace as a business-to-business company supported by a team of expert Virtual Care consultants, the flexible, end-to-end eVisit technology platform can match and virtualize any clinical workflow and does not come with a competing provider network.

eVisit is the Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Virtual Care Platforms in Digital Health, Q1 2021, and is a Representative Vendor in the Gartner® 2020 Market Guide for Virtual Care.

Standardize virtual care across your entire system.

Having too many telehealth products is a management and reporting nightmare. eVisit is the one telehealth platform that includes the patient visit and everything around it — scheduling, intake, waiting room management, and discharge. Explore Our Platform

Contact: Samir Shah, Senior Virtual Care Consultant,,



Talkdesk is a global customer experience leader for customer-obsessed companies. Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud, is the first contact center solution built just for healthcare. Our solution helps organizations create synchronized, personalized, and radically convenient experiences for healthcare patients, members, and caregivers. Our speed of innovation and global footprint reflect our commitment to ensure businesses everywhere can deliver better customer experiences through any channel, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, cost savings, and profitability.

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Having too many telehealth products is a management and reporting nightmare. eVisit is the one telehealth platform that includes the patient visit and everything around it — scheduling, intake, waiting room management, and discharge.

Learn More

Contact: Todd Fane, Healthcare Account Executive,,


314e helps hospitals and health systems to drive digital transformation, improve staff efficiency, manage compliance, and enhance patient experience. Our product portfolio includes:

Jeeves: A Healthcare Digital Adoption Platform designed to improve adoption of enterprise applications and increase end-user performance by providing just-in-time assistance within the application - User-specific & in-workflow support, Rapid content creation & approval, AI-powered search & recommendation.

Muspell Health Data Platform: A Healthcare Data Platform that enables and simplifies the management and utilization of healthcare data at scale, driving analytics, business utilization, and digital transformation - Compliant with modern data standards like FHIR®, Enables use-cases like AI/ML, BI, and APIs, Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Muspell Archive: A FHIR®-native archival solution that enables you to realize the triple goals of Application Portfolio Rationalization, Interoperability, and Compliance - Library of legacy connectors, Blazing fast FHIR® server, Cures act compliance.

Our services portfolio includes - Epic Consulting, Training & Go-Live Support, Health Data Analytics, Interoperability, Technology Support, and Revenue Cycle Management.

Contact: Casey Post, Senior VP Sales,,



Everything you do improves exponentially with Nuance

Used by 77% of hospitals and 10,000 healthcare organizations worldwide, our AI‑powered solutions capture 300 million patient stories each year. We help unburden clinicians, radiologists and care teams with efficient new ways to capture clinical information, applying real-time intelligence for better decision making across the continuum of care.

Automatically document care with the Dragon Ambient eXperience

Enhance quality of care and the patient experience, increase provider efficiency and satisfaction, and improve financial outcomes with the Dragon Ambient eXperience (Nuance DAX), an ambient clinical intelligence solution that automatically documents patient encounters accurately and efficiently at the point of care.

Deliver better patient experiences with AI‑powered, omni‑channel technology

Nuance patient engagement solutions combine decades of healthcare expertise with award‑winning intelligent engagement technology trusted by 1,500 leading brands. A single solution based on proven AI powers the modern Digital Front Door, bringing world class consumer engagement to healthcare and advancing the quality of service organizations deliver across the patient journey.

Contact: Jillian Hirstein, Account Executive,,



Caregility is dedicated to connecting patients and clinicians everywhere with its Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform. Designated as the 2021 and 2022 Best in KLAS Virtual Care Platform (non-EMR), Caregility Cloud™ powers a purpose-built ecosystem of enterprise telehealth solutions across the care continuum.

Caregility provides secure, reliable and HIPAA compliant audio and video communication designed for any device and clinical workflow, in both acute and ambulatory settings.

Caregility supports more than 1,300 hospitals across dozens of health systems with millions of virtual care sessions hosted annually. From critical and acute, to urgent and emergent, to post-acute and ambulatory, as well as hospital-to-home, Caregility is connecting care everywhere. Follow Caregility on LinkedIn and Twitter at @caregility.

Contact: Joe Clark, Strategic Account Manager,,



GenieMD, Inc. is an award-winning, global provider of virtual care platform and services organization. GenieMD offers customized, white-labeled virtual care solutions that allows providers to extend care into the home and providing a continuous care delivery mode.

GenieMD fuses the brick and mortar with virtual care services, which increases revenue, improves outcomes and decreases cost - without taking on any risk. Its enterprise clients are based throughout the United States as well as in Europe, Asia and South America.

Maximizing the potential of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and mobile technologies, GenieMD is transforming health care to provide the best and fastest care to patients when they need it most. GenieMD is Legitscript-approved, having met the highest standards for legality, safety and transparency.

Contact: Tom Foley, Chief Growth Officer,,



Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), DHS, leads the Nation’s strategic and unified work to strengthen the security, resilience, and workforce of the cyber ecosystem to protect critical services and American way of life.

CISA Cybersecurity Services

Explore the cybersecurity services CISA offers and much more with the CISA Services Catalog ( The catalog is all of CISA, all in one place – a single resource that provides users with access to information on services across all of CISA’s mission areas that are available to Federal Government; State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Government; Private Industry; Academia; NGO and Non-Profit; and General Public stakeholders. The catalog is interactive, allowing users to filter and quickly hone in on applicable services with just a few clicks.

CISA’s Role in Cybersecurity

Cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure are vulnerable to a wide range of risks stemming from both physical and cyber threats and hazards. Sophisticated cyber actors and nation-states exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money and are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services. Cyberspace is particularly difficult to secure due to a number of factors: the ability of malicious actors to operate from anywhere in the world, the linkages between cyberspace and physical systems, and the difficulty of reducing vulnerabilities and consequences in complex cyber networks.

Of growing concern is the cyber threat to critical infrastructure, which is increasingly subject to sophisticated cyber intrusions that pose new risks. As information technology becomes increasingly integrated with physical infrastructure operations, there is increased risk for wide scale or high-consequence events that could cause harm or disrupt services upon which our economy and the daily lives of millions of Americans depend. In light of the risk and potential consequences of cyber events, strengthening the security and resilience of cyberspace has become an important homeland security mission.

Contact: Rick Hays, Senior Regional Security Officer,,



Innovation Awards 2022


VirtualCliniX by TeleMedicX enables healthcare facilities to provide fast and easy access to care profitably through an innovative care coordination platform based on telehealth.The TeleMedicX software solution brings automation to specialty practices to achieve greater access to care, increased revenue, and optimal efficiency for the practice. TelemedicX offers a suite of telehealth solutions including store and forward, along with the tools that drive a practice’s efficiency. Visit Website



SageSurfer is a National Science Foundation-backed HIPAA COMPLIANT Behavioral Healthcare digital care coordination and member engagement platform (web and mobile) that connects members with their full circle of the care team and helps them stay on track between visits and for providers enabling them to deliver remote patient monitoring and measurement-based care and unlock millions of dollars in reimbursements, cost savings, and better care outcomes. Visit Website


Mamsen Health

Mamsen Health aims to tackle the opioid epidemic in women post C-section surgery. We provide a way to educate discharged, opioid naive, post-LSCS patients about the risk of addiction and help them avoid becoming addicted, in order to keep them from using opioid for over a month post-discharge. Visit Website



MedReportGuard provides secure forensic medical reporting, mandatory reports, cross-agency referrals, survivor workflows, and data analysis and reporting tools. We’ve woven together the unique language, paperwork and processes each agency uses to engage with interpersonal violence to create a seamless collaborative experience that recognizes your agency’s unique documentation, collaboration and analytical needs. Visit Website



StressPal Frontline: Essential Resilience Self-Care and Burnout Prevention is a secure, turn-key solution that easily enables accredited best practices training in leading intervention strategies and interprofessional skills, with built-in dedicated peer support (earn valuable AMA PRA Category 1, CNE, IPCE credits). Visit Website



NurseBrain is a collaboration platform that improves patient outcomes and reduces hospital expenditures by optimizing nursing communication and workflows. Our cross-platform software enables healthcare organizations to autonomously create and manage custom processes that build cohesion and engage stakeholders. Visit Website



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