December 2023 Newsletter

Seasons Greetings


Message from the President


Dear HIMSS members,

I hope you had a lovely fall, and that you and yours are well. I think all of us are passionate about Health IT because we care so deeply for our families’, neighbors’, and our communities' health. And of course global health for all. When times are dark, I find some sliver of hope that we can turn a corner and harness technology to reach and aid those who lack access to healthcare.

I am proud of the webinars and in person events we hosted this fall, and am excited for the year ahead. Please let me know what you want to see more of.

Be safe, take care, be well.

Warmly, Viveka Rydell-Anderson, President



Advocacy Update

Committee Chair - Dr. Larry Ozeran


Policy defines what you can do, and what you must do. If you are not advocating for policy, you are letting others decide what you can and must do, without you.

The complexity of our healthcare system is in large part due to conflicting goals. Those of us who provide care to patients want to support our patients and ensure they achieve optimal health outcomes. Unfortunately, healthcare financing is focused only on whether something makes a profit. This is why the EHR is more focused on billing than on meeting the needs of clinicians. These conflicting goals create a challenging dynamic that impacts how we define our principles, identify the processes we follow, and select the tools we use. In this complicated environment it is our responsibility to advocate for health policies that will allow us to make better use of our recent transition to a digital paradigm and offer better experiences and outcomes for patients.

This fiscal year your Advocacy Committee has encouraged the legislature to ensure patients have ready access to their health data and can also limit access to their data. We submitted written requests to several legislators to consider introducing bills that would make how patients get their data easier and more consistent across healthcare entities. We also requested that the Data Exchange Framework (DxF) which is a model for the nation in data sharing, implements a standardized opt out process for patients who need to keep their data segregated.

We are planning an in-person State HIT Day in Sacramento on May 15 (9A-6P) that will include visits to the legislators in the Capitol and end in a networking event. We will arrange appointments for you to meet with your legislators and provide information you can use during those conversation. We will also have an Advocacy 101 Webinar on April 17 so everyone has a foundation for those Capitol conversations. Even if you are not planning to come to State HIT Day, we welcome you to the webinar as it may help you in your phone, email, and online (form) communication with your State representatives.

You can find the bills currently active in the California legislature here:

If you have an interest in being more involved in advocacy, please consider volunteering to join us. We look forward to working with each of you to ensure we all have a say in what we can and must do.


Larry Ozeran, MD

HIMSS NorCal Advocacy Committee Chair



Education Update

Committee Chair - Eugene Pozdnikov


This year, we are thrilled to announce our focus on two pivotal areas in healthcare technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Interoperability. Our proximity to tech giants, innovative startups and dynamic healthcare organizations provides an unparalleled opportunity for chapter members to engage with leading subject-matter experts shaping the future of healthcare technology.

AI is transforming healthcare, offering new frontiers in personalized medicine, predictive analytics, and operational efficiency. Our educational initiatives this year delve into the practical developments in AI, its impact on data privacy, and how it s revolutionizing clinical decision-making. Collaborations with tech and healthcare leaders in AI helped bring practical insights and real-world applications to our discussions.

The seamless exchange of healthcare information across diverse systems is more crucial than ever. The focus will be on understanding the latest regulations and implementations for data exchange, exploring success stories in interoperability, and tackling the challenges in aligning various healthcare stakeholders. We aim to highlight how interoperability is essential for improving patient outcomes and operational efficiencies.  Our sessions, workshops, and discussions are designed to keep you informed and engaged, ensuring that our community remains knowledgeable and influential in the healthcare technology domain.




Sponsorships Update

Committee Chair - Suman Mishra
Past Chair - 
Evan Kapaun


As the tech landscape continues to evolve, a transformation in digital health is underway. Blending operational workflows with advanced analytics now offers HCOs the ability to streamline and monitor their current vs. future processes while improving care delivery. Adoption, productivity growth, and actionable information are top of mind for healthcare leaders, and the sponsorship committee is focused on extending a lens into this emerging tech field, by focusing on real-world use cases and customer stories.

Over the past year, we have partnered with a diverse mix of sponsors who support data-driven decision-making through IT infrastructure (, business consulting services (CGI), and ambient AI dictation for physicians (Suki AI). These partnerships are an essential piece to contextualizing new technology adoption, allowing our community to engage, learn, and understand the art of the possible from trusted practitioners.

For the year ahead, we will continue to expand our platform with expert panels, conferences, networking meetups, and educational webinars. We invite new sponsors to join us in this endeavor, offering them access to a variety of virtual and in-person events throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. This spring, our upcoming annual Innovation Conference will be returning in-person after three years, and presents a great opportunity for startups, thought leaders, and specialists to converge and explore the future of healthcare technology together. Join us in shaping this dynamic field.

Suman  Evan


Memberships Update

Committee Chair - Dipty Desai

HIMSS NorCal is a beacon of excellence in the realm of healthcare informatics management. It is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our members.

Becoming a HIMSS member opens up a world of opportunities, such as access to a wealth of resources, including educational materials, research reports, and professional development opportunities. They also get exclusive discounts on HIMSS events and certification programs


With a distributed member base across California, we serve a large region which includes institutions like: Alameda County Medical Center, Contra Costa Health Services, El Camino Hospital, Enloe Medical Center, UC Davis Medical Center, John Muir Health System, Kaiser Permanente, North East Medical Services, San Francisco Health Plan, San Mateo County Health System, Stanford Children's Health, Stanford Health Care, Sutter Health, UCSF Health, Valley Children's Hospital. In addition, we cater to startups, investors, enterprises, service providers and academic institutions.

We had an incredible fall quarter for our members - with virtual and in-person events, meetups and sessions (including ones at Kaiser Permanente, AWS and UC Davis Health), and a Generative AI webinar.

In the spring, we are planning for more meetups, a roundtable session with healthcare providers, as well as an Innovation Summit and other educational programs to drive value for our members. Our members will also have an opportunity to obtain discounted tickets for the HIMSS National conference and attend a West Coast reception to network and meet with other members.




Programs Update

Committee Chair - Christina Morato

For this coming year, we are excited to be planning our 11th Annual HIMSS NorCal Innovation Conference and Career Expo, which is returning as an in-person event on May 2, 2024 (location TBD in the Silicon Valley area).  We are looking forward to thought provoking panel sessions and discussions on innovative care delivery solutions as well as providing a space for educators and employers of the health IT workforce of the future to meet and network.  Pulling together an in-person event will take our collective HIMSS NorCal community brain trust and connections to procure speakers and panelists, provide career and educational resources and tables, and most importantly ensure that the day runs smoothly.

If you are interested in sharing your great work as a speaker or panelist, staffing a table on our career expo floor, or volunteering on our committee in the planning process and/or on the day of the event, please contact us at: